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Industrial IoT made simple

Free2move’s 2Connect™ industrial IoT platform is designed to make it simple for customers in facility management and manufacturing to introduce IoT to improve their operation. This includes savings in energy consumption, control of air quality, reducing operational costs, effective utilisation of assets or enabling attractive services.

Transform your information into business value

2Connect™ is a complete end-to-end platform, encompassing tools, services, software and hardware for the definition, implementation and operation phases. In the definition phase, problems and opportunities are captured, available information explored, solution is arrived at, return-on-investment is estimated, and implementation and operation are planned. Throughout definition and implementation, the devices and layers of the complete system are orchestrated, from sensors to analytics.


2Connect™ supports wireless sensing and actuation via multiprotocol gateways, integrated cloud-based software, automated decision making and visualisation. The full eco-system of the platform includes wireless sensors and actuators, multiprotocol gateways, application programming interfaces (APIs) as well as third party application software, analytics software, storage, data sharing, notifications (e.g. on mobile devices) and alarms. 2Connect™ can encapsulate and reutilise existing legacy systems thereby protecting the customer’s previous investments.



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