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Yanzi Cirrus IoT Solution
Next Generation IoT Solution for Smart Buildings
Yanzi Networks delivers an end-to-end, horizontal, and all-IP software Internet of Things platform. We offer sensors, gateways, and Cirrus, a cloud platform solution packaged into a Software as a Service solution (SaaS) for Smart Building applications. The horizontal and all-IP approach provides a solution that is fast, robust, and transformative.

Best Technology
All IP technology, all the way to the sensor, ensures powerful scaling to thousands of sensors and excellent cost efficiency. Yanzi Networks focus on open standards and leverage the widely deployed protocols such as 4G/LTE, Ethernet, Wi-Fi, and the low power “brother” to Wi-Fi, IEEE 802.15.4, which enables battery operated sensors to last for 10+ years.

Easiest to install
Automatic security provisioning provides best-in-class installation provided by the patent pending zero-touch configuration. Sensor installation do not need trained installers but can leverage the employees on site. The optimized power management deliver very long battery life which secure a minimum of maintenance required once installed.

Enterprise security
Yanzi Networks combines ease of installation and maintenance with enterprise security. It is a highly secure solution with all links in Cloud and to Gateway being authenticated with client and server certificates and all communication is made using SSL encryption. All local communication, between the sensors and the Gateway, is encrypted for both wired and wireless solutions. Each sensor has an individual key and can be revoked remotely.

Cirrus Software as a Service
The Yanzi Cirrus Software as a Service provides Device and Gateway management at a new level. The Cirrus data model allow access to any data originating from any location with a uniform interface without the need to understand the sensor details. A secure Gateway-to- Cloud connector to multiple redundant link servers provides reliable remote access to Gateway.
The Cirrus open API is a JSON over web socket API where all operations are authenticated. The API supports both hot and cold data paths.

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