Funding innovative IoT

Funding innovative IoT

Internet of Things Sweden (IoT Sweden) is a strategic innovation programme that supports and funds innovative IoT projects in the public sector across the country. 

What if…

… your trash bin could let you know when it is full – or a farmer could get a notification when their livestock has run out of water in the fields. What if parents could get notified when their child has wet the bed – or if your food could let you know when its best-before date is running out? Does this sound crazy? Well, it is not. All of these examples come from projects funded by IoT Sweden.

Slänger sopor
Smart trash bins. Photo: Adobe Stock.

We fund innovative IoT projects

Each year, IoT Sweden holds a call for proposals, enabling public sector actors to seek funding for IoT projects. Since 2014, we have provided a total of over SEK 200 million in funding to over 100 IoT projects, mostly in the public sector. The projects have contributed at least as much in self-funding.

We have 7 overarching themes for our projects, namely:

  • Health, care and welfare
  • IoT infrastructure
  • Climate and environment
  • The built environment
  • Schools and education
  • IoT procurement
  • Increased IoT capabilities

We only fund projects that are based in Sweden and that are linked to public organisations in the form of municipalities and regions. Our money comes from the innovation agency Vinnova, which also administers the funding for projects directly.

Sundsvall, esplanaden
The municipality of Sundsvall has a strategy of open API. Here a sensor that measures air pollution. IoT Sweden supports several projects in Sundsvall. Photo: city of Sundsvall.

Our projects are divided into three categories:

Preparatory projects

  • These projects can last up to 12 months, and up to SEK 300,000 in funding can be requested.

Funding can be requested for activities such as feasibility studies, environmental monitoring, small-scale testing of IoT solutions, development of simple prototypes for proof-of-concept/value, knowledge gathering, measurements, benefit calculations, calculations, and other evidence to show that the expected impacts can be achieved.

Prototype development projects

  • These projects can last up to 20 months, and up to SEK 2 million in funding can be requested.

Funding can be requested for e.g. the development of IoT solutions (prototypes or demonstrators) for public sector activities, the mapping of legal and/or commercial conditions and business models for the introduction and use of IoT solutions, and the development of new processes and working methods at the point of use that are adapted for IoT-based solutions and IoT data-driven activities.

Implementation projects

  • These projects can last up to 30 months, and up to SEK 5 million in funding can be requested.

Funding can be requested for e.g. the adaptation and testing of IoT solutions, the further development of IoT solutions prior to implementation, the implementation of IoT solutions or IoT data-driven working methods, the evaluation of implementation and/or continuous project assessment, or the development of business models, implementation processes, governance structures, customer networks, framework agreements, guidelines and the like.

Information about all of our projects (available in Swedish only) can be found here.