IoT Forum
6 apr 2022
kl: 10:00 - 11:00

Addressing the Swedish IoT Security Challenge

Addressing the Swedish IoT Security Challenge

The modern world is increasingly digital, connected and driven by software.

Many more connected products and services are being introduced to our homes, businesses, institutions, industries, infrastructures and government activities. Innovation and productivity gains will be significant, but with those gains there is also the cyberthreat which must be managed so that societies and economies do not become open game for bad actors with bad intent.

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a term used to describe the next wave of the Internet and the proliferation of devices and services that are connected to it. IoT must be trustworthy and secure to be successful yet, that goal is not a simple task, and many corporations and governments world-wide are constantly playing catch-up. What can be done to stay ahead of the emerging threats? What role does good practice, standards and regulation have in keeping us safe? Who should care and what does this mean for Sweden? Where do we stand?

This webinar will discuss the global situation of IoT security as well as providing a perspective from Sweden and suggest in what way these challenges can be addressed collaboratively – together we’re stronger.

The seminar will feature expert presentations as well as a panel discussion.

Our expert speakers for this free webinar are:

  • Christer Åhlund, Chaired Professor in Pervasive and Mobile Computing, Luleå University
  • Gustav Söderlind, Executive Officer, Myndigheten för Samhällsskydd och Beredskap (MSB)
  • Haydn Povey, CEO & Founder, Secure Thingz Ltd, and member of the Executive Steering Board at IoT Security Foundation
  • John Moor, Managing Director, IoT Security Foundation
  • Olle Bergdahl, Programme Director, IoT Sweden

Moderator: Leif Häggmark, Dataföreningen

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